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Before your summer holidays, train yourself in interest-based negotiation or develop your creativity!

It is up to you to choose one of the 4 Inter courses, which will enable you to negotiate :

2019 Calendar - NEGO - Location: Paris


Develop your assertiveness

Dare to defend your interests while respecting those of others - Price: 1 480 € HT

The 1er and 2 July 2019

Benefits of this training :

  • Adopt an assertive and constructive attitude

  • Strengthen the impact of your communication on others


Acquire the Mutual Gains Strategy

Moving from compromise to creative solutions - Price: €2,990 excl.

The 3, 4, 5 July + 10 September 2019 or the 26, 27, 28 August + 15 October 2019

Benefits of this training :

  • Acquisition of a method for preparing, conducting and monitoring your negotiations

  • Training in the application of a structured approach

  • Development of constructive behavioural skills


Stimulating creativity in teams

Thinking out of the box - Ensemble - Price : 1 480 € HT

The 9 and 10 July 2019

Benefits of this training :

  • Develop an increased capacity to generate original and relevant solutions

  • Boost your managerial skills by using tools that involve your employees in a collective intelligence process


Stimulate your creativity

Thinking out of the box - Price : 990 € HT

11 July 2019

Benefits of this training :

  • This training amplifies the capacity to generate options for mutual gain 

  • Reinforces a mental posture of flexibility, confidence and agility


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