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MASTERCLASS: Leadership, the positive influence - Eduard Beltran

If you want to acquire leadership skills in complex contexts, develop the ability to guide and influence stakeholders, increase your capacity to inspire and motivate, and understand the nuances of cultural influences, the Eduard Beltran / CENEGO 2024 Leadership Masterclass offers a unique professional development opportunity for leaders from all backgrounds. Taking part will give you the chance to :

1. Building a leader's strategic vision.
2. Developing your Leadership Style.
3. Making Rational Decisions.
4. Mastering the Principles of Influence.
5. Using Empathetic Communication.

Dates and procedures :

  • Two face-to-face sessions in Paris (2/3 July and 8/9 October) and a live remote session (23/24/25 September, mornings) followed by a session in English in Paris (22/23 October).
  • Price: €2,500 for two days of face-to-face sessions, €2,000 for the live remote session.

Programme :

The first day covers the fundamentals of leadership, mental and physical preparation, long-term vision, strategy and tactics, empathy and communication, as well as decision-making and risk management. The second day covers leadership and communication, presenting ideas, teamwork, and includes a real-life case study for in-depth analysis.
This Masterclass offers an invaluable opportunity to acquire essential leadership skills in a dynamic and interactive environment, with the expertise of a world leader in negotiation and leadership.

And as negotiation is a discipline that takes up 80% of any manager's time, anyone interested in the processes at work in a negotiation, a fortiori a social one, will be able to find out how to express his or her interests and discover those of others, by going beyond the masks of positions, postures and unsatisfactory compromises.


Eduard Beltran, lawyer, author, consultant and lecturer in negotiation and leadership, with extensive international and academic experience, is the author of The Secret Art of Negotiation and Leadership: Positive Influence, published in English, French and Spanish.



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