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The health crisis is causing an unprecedented economic crisis. To prevent this situation from degenerating into an uncontrolled social crisis, we invite you to participate in a webinar to identify other "barrier gestures": those that will be able to block the viruses of lies, posturing and rejection of the "other".

In the newspaper Le Monde dated 18 November, an article appeared on the foundation of our founder Michel Ghazal.
The human values underpinning the approach to negotiation and conflict management that he developed at the European Negotiation Centre are continued in his philanthropic approach within the "Ghazal Foundation for Education, Research and Peace in Lebanon".

In order to meet your needs and to comply with the health regulations, we have expanded our year-end programme.
Find out more about upcoming sessions and the format that's right for you!

WEDNESDAY 13 MAY from 15:00 to 15:45
The effective antidote to power struggles, manipulation and bad compromises: interest-based negotiation

At one time or another, we all feel the need to move forward in our lives, whether it be in relation to personal or professional goals or to remove obstacles that prevent us from achieving them.

These are times of social distancing. We meet our colleagues, customers and suppliers exclusively by telephone, videoconference or e-mail.
This is happening against a backdrop of economic deterioration and slowdown, making it hard to concentrate and, for some, hard to believe...

Around fifty people from ANDRH (Montparnasse and Lafayette groups) attended the conference led by Michel Ghazal on 23 January on the theme: "Negotiation in all its forms".

Understanding the role played by the negotiators' voices in the course and outcome of negotiations.
The voice is more than a vehicle for ideas. It is the very locus of exchange. In this interactive conference, participants will discover its remarkable role.

Michel Ghazal, Founder of the European Negotiation Centre, presented the Conflict Prevention and Peace Award 2019 to the Lebanese Association CHAML

4 training modules from September to January for better negotiation

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