Centre Européen de la Négociation - Negotiation Skills Training - Consulting & Coaching


the European Negotiation Centre, quoted in Le Point.

Social negotiations: beware of the three false leads!

Michel Ghazal: "Giving back a little of what I have received

Negotiating from a distance: how to stay well connected

What makes a good negotiator?

Conference on 27 February

Michel Ghazal Foundation

How can we remove the obstacles to creativity?

Emotions are always information, even in negotiations

Pension reform: the test of strength is on

Why do we need to avoid hasty judgements?

Compromise or creative arrangement?

Why is it vital to prepare well for negotiations?

Negotiation, the art of living with others

Avoid making this mistake in negotiations

Defusing aggression: can you apply the Buddha method?

What you won't read in How to negotiate successfully

Brexit: why can't Europe say it's their problem?

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