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Great training! I recommend it.

July 2022 - Olivia A.

I have completed the NEGO 1 - The Mutual Gains Strategy course: trainer Peter Barrett very competent and responsive, clear method and a good balance between theory and practice. Thank you for your professionalism.

June 2022 - Faustine L.

Very good in-company training. Support teams, dynamic. I recommend.

June 2022 - Fred V.

Interesting, dynamic and very interactive training. Allows you to take a step back and look at concrete examples of negotiations.

May 2022 - Olivia V.

A rich training: methodology, pedagogy, practical application, illustrated with examples and in a very pleasant atmosphere.

April 2022 - Iza Y.

A very good and high quality course! I highly recommend it!

April 2022 -Elena A

Very good training, allows you to develop and deepen your skills

March 2022 - Fabrice J.

Very good training

January 2022 - Audrey A

Pleasant training, very enriching and going far beyond the strict professional framework (personal development)

January 2022 - Mikael M

NEGO1 training completed this morning; effective Zoom format, group made up of interested, interesting, respectful people. Peter Barrett knows what he's talking about; he's an educator and took me on board instantly. The course is fluid and clear. We progress with different situations that teach us new techniques, toolboxes, etc. .... I finished this training having understood some important mechanics. I really appreciated the vision of negotiation presented: a negotiation of relationship, exchange and respect; we forget about superiority, domination and unilateral gain. Thank you! I learned a lot.

December 2021 - Stéphanie C

A TOP facilitator! Nice training full of expertise.

December 2021 - VAL MM

Very good training taught by Benoît.

November 2021 - Madeline M

Great training, very educational and with a good animation. You come away with interesting concepts and tools to apply them. I recommend, especially Benoit in the strategy of mutual gains!

November 2021 - Corentin D

Formazione eseguita da professionisti seri, sicuramente utile ad accrescere le proprie competenze

November 2021 - Madeline M

Very good training taught by Benoît.

November 2021 - Ettore F

Training in November

November 2021 - Malik A

Training in November

November 2021 - Denis C S

"Everything is perfect: the timetable is respected, the staff is smiling, the trainer staff are smiling, the trainer was very My negotiation training is used almost every day. I use my negotiation training almost every day.

October 2021 - Micha M

"I had a very enriching experience during my training in "reasoned negotiation". A different way of living and thinking about negotiation, which will be all the more effective thanks to the tools transmitted by a caring and efficient consultant.

October 2021 - Nadia C

"Great training, both in terms of the techniques covered and the way the discussions were organised.

October 2021 - Solène D

"Great training on interest-based negotiation! I recommend CENEGO!

October 2021 - Patrick V

"Very good training. It's impossible to leave here without wanting to know more.

October 2021 - Marie D

"Surprising discovery of a win-win negotiation mindset that is not usual in our society, which is focused on its own needs, even if it means forcing them through.

October 2021 - Romaric R

"A fine and pedagogical approach to media training and negotiation

October 2021 - Luc G

"Great training, very educational and with good facilitation. You come away with interesting concepts, and tools to apply them. I recommend, especially Benoit in the strategy of mutual gains!"

October 2021 - Corentin D

"A very instructive course taught in a very professional manner. Recommended for people who deal with high level negotiations.

September 2021 - Karinne D

"Very good learning session on social negotiation with an equal quality on practical and theoretical aspects

July 2021 - Pierre Yves D

"I enjoyed the session and truly feel like I learned some new tools that will help me in my personal life and career.

July 2021 - Karine K

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