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The 4 complementary modules in June

Come and take part in one of these modules to become an even better negotiator!

2019 Calendar - NEGO - Location: Paris


Discussing the Undisputed

Tackling difficult subjects - Price: €1,480 excl.

17 and 18 June

Benefits of this training :

  • Mastering the steps to successfully conduct difficult interviews

  • Controlling the emotional dimension to make it less stressful and more productive


Convincing orally

Develop your impact and charisma - Price: 1 480 € HT

20 and 21 June 2019

Benefits of this training :

  • Communicate effectively on facts/opinions/emotions

  • To convey a clear and structured message to the audience

  • Deal with participants' reactions well: destabilising questions, aggression, etc.


Managing emotions in negotiation 

Turning obstacles into allies - Price: €1,480 excluding VAT

24 and 25 June 2019

Benefits of this training :

  • Transforming my emotions into allies in difficult times

  • Identifying body language, your own and that of others, to adapt your communication


Mental preparation of the negotiator

Reaching an optimal level of performance in negotiation - Price: 990 € HT

26 June 2019

Benefits of this training :

  • To be at your best on D-day, physically, intellectually and emotionally,
  • Training to increase performance
  • Being in tune with yourself to approach negotiations calmly ...

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