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Conference on 27 February

Date : Thursday 27 February 2020 - 10am to 12.30pm (followed by a cocktail reception)
Welcome from 9.30 am

Tariff : Free - By reservation only

Location: MARIOTT Champs Elysées - Paris

Metro 1: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Bus 73 : La Boétie - Champs-Elysées
Limited places

Application deadline: 23/02/2020

Understand the role that the negotiators' voice plays in the process and outcome of the negotiation


In negotiation, the voice is more than a vehicle for ideas. It is the very place of exchange. In this interactive conference, participants will discover the remarkable role of the voice in :

  • Changing the emotional state of the different actors
  • Mobilising and directing attention
  • Demonstrate legitimacy, motivation and personal power
  • Establish a relationship of trust and partnership, accompany the interlocutor
  • Alternate between taking control of the exchange and letting the other person lead
  • Breaking the deadlock of fixed positions by stimulating the imagination: inventing creative options
  • Encouraging the development of a proposal
  • Framing and finalising a commitment
  • Managing the different phases of the negotiation and facilitating transitions

Participants will also experience the benefits of a vocal warm-up, an essential step in preparing for the relationship, aligning body momentum (relaxation and dyna- mism), mood, goal orientation... and getting ready for the negotiation journey.




Certified coach, expert in vocal techniques and oral communication at Talbrix, for 20 years. He accompanies his clients - executives, political figures, organisations - in their various oral communications and public speaking engagements to increase their influence and transform their ideas into action. He was also a professional classical singer and musicology researcher for 15 years.

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