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Negotiation coaching: timely and effective support

At one time or another, we all feel the need to move forward in our lives, whether it be in relation to personal or professional goals or to remove obstacles that prevent us from achieving them.

The first aim of coaching is to take stock and clarify objectives. The role of the coach will be to support and accompany his client to achieve this. By means of questioning and posture, the coach helps the coachee to access what he/she wishes to live and experience, by leading him/her to ask the right questions and to set up a path and an action plan that correspond to him/her.

The coach's tools include active listening, questioning, feedback, empathic reflection, hypotheses and a specific framework for moving forward. The coach draws on the talents, strengths and resources of each person to help them improve their quality of life, their performance, their endurance, their resilience, their strength, their confidence, etc., while also developing new skills and attitudes.

Creating a virtuous circle

The coaching approach is targeted on the identified needs and opens the way to a paradigm shift that will allow the coachee to develop effective behaviours and new beliefs that will help him/her to act on his/her environment and on him/herself: to manage his/her emotions when they are invasive, to boost his/her self-confidence, to be more assertive by developing his/her leadership, to overcome his/her stress in tense situations, to improve his/her speaking skills... So many skills that are necessary in negotiation, in management, in communication and in life!

This approach offers the coachee the possibility to find a better life balance by developing relational, communicational, social and managerial skills, so that he/she is more empathetic and effective in his/her interactions. All key negotiation skills. Professional coaching will have an impact not only on the coachee, but also on the whole network of his collaborators, colleagues and his social and personal environment. The results are concrete and measurable in the different areas of life because through the coaching process the client deepens his knowledge and improves his performance.

At the European Negotiation Centre, our approach to negotiation situations is above all a pragmatic, action-oriented approach that takes into account the specificities of the individual facing us. Our coaching allows us to initiate a sustainable change through significant insights and to replace the hindering processes with new effective ones.

Our professional coaches have a solid training and have acquired experience in the field of accompanying people. They are subject to strict ethical standards and confidentiality and aim to ensure that each of their coachees acquires the best tools and skills to achieve their goals, gain serenity and progress in their career. Specialists in behavioural therapy, mental preparation and negotiation and communication consulting, our services meet specific needs for individuals and companies. Call us to make an appointment or for more information.

Contact the European Negotiation Centre: Béatrice +33 (0)1 53 53 05 03.

Aline Bizien, professional coach and mental trainer

Philippe Etienne, coach and consultant in negotiation and communication

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