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Michel Ghazal Foundation

Michel Ghazal Foundation

Michel Ghazal, Founder of the European Negotiation Centre, presented the Conflict Prevention and Peace Award 2019 to the Lebanese Association CHAML

During a moving and joyful ceremony held on 14 December at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, the Conflict Prevention and Peace Award 2019 was presented to the CHAML Association (Young Non-Denominational and Non-Violent Citizens) by the Ghazal Foundation for Education, Research and Peace in Lebanon.

Hosted by journalist Tanya Ghorra, in the presence of a full house and the jury composed of Lebanese personalities recognized as independent and impartial, the award was presented by Michel Ghazal to the founder Ogarit Younan and the Secretary General Hala Bou Ali. The ceremony was punctuated by the interpretation of the national anthem by Aline Lahoud, young people from CHAML singing Imagine in English and Arabic and the baritone Fady Jeanbart who masterfully interpreted "I sing with you freedom. The culture of peace, education for non-violence and Lebanese youth were in the spotlight.

Since 17 October, they have been at the forefront of a movement that demands profound changes for Lebanon. In his speech, Michel Ghazal underlined the multiple concrete actions of CHAML on the ground. He described its two founders Ogarit Younan and Walid Slaybi as peace builders. He expressed his great wish that the Lebanese youth and its peaceful struggle for a new Lebanon guaranteeing it a future other than emigration, not be taken over by the demons of division and violence.

Michel Ghazal, surrounded by the jury,
awards the prevention prize
Conflict and Peace in Lebanon 2019
to representatives of CHAML

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