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Consulting & coaching


If you are faced with a deadlock, crisis or impasse, our expert consultants can help you prepare, conduct and monitor your high-stakes internal or external negotiations:
- Social negotiations
- Project negotiations
- Business and commercial negotiations
- Legal negotiations
- Negotiations in the public sphere
- Political and diplomatic negotiations
- COMEX and CODIR negotiations
- Restructuring and reorganisation negotiations


Our mission: to mobilise the most effective levers to amplify our customers' potential for innovation, while respecting the context and culture of the organisation.
Using the latest creativity techniques, we support you in your drive to embed the spirit of innovation in your company's DNA. We help you to define the ecosystem, practices and tools needed to stimulate and make effective the ability of everyone, at every level, to think differently. Beyond its application to products and technologies, we advise you on how to apply this dynamic to the transformation of your company and your value creation strategy.


The major obstacle in any relationship is actually not the other person, but ourselves, as William Ury reveals in his book "Être en accord avec soi-même pour mieux négocier avec l'autre".
Our coaching programmes are tailor-made with you in mind, guiding you along your path, helping you to discover and put into practice what you're trying out and achieving concrete results on a daily basis, so that you can reveal your talents.


Public speaking is often a challenge, an intellectual, emotional and physical ordeal. But above all, it's an opportunity for you to share your ideas, your messages and your decisions, with the aim of interesting, convincing and persuading your audience.
Whether you're a director, manager or politician, our consultants, who are trained actors and have a thorough understanding of the workings of the business world, can provide you with individual coaching to help you prepare and practise your public speaking.
The aim is to increase your impact and charisma, whatever the situation or audience: conference, speech, meeting, etc.


In crisis or sensitive situations, we can help you prepare for interviews with journalists and train you to communicate under media pressure without letting yourself be destabilised. The aim is to ensure that your message is properly transmitted and received.
Without preparation, speaking in front of a camera or microphone is often experienced as a painful ordeal. The press gets a bad press, and as an executive, communications director or spokesperson, a meeting with the press and media has become a must.
With the internet and social networks, a few seconds in an interview can tarnish your company's image for a long time to come, in the eyes of your customers, your partners and your environment. You'd better be ready to face up to the media situation, know how to deal with destabilisation and know how to establish a lasting relationship with journalists.


This training is perfect, it will be useful for me, because it is adapted to concrete situations, I found it perfect. It is pragmatic and easy to use in my daily life.

Norbert B.

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